Kentucky Interior Lighting

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AAMSCO Lighting – innovative light bulbs, mirrors, and luminaires

Acuity Brands Lighting

  • Acuity Brands – lighting, controls, components, daylighting
  • Aculux – precision recessed lighting
  • Gotham – architectural downlighting & solid state LED downlighting
  • Healthcare Lighting – healthcare and medical lighting
  • Holophane – fluorescent & performance hid
  • Indy – architectural recessed lighting
  • IOTA – emergency lighting and ac/dc power products
  • Juno – recessed and trac lighting
  • Lithonia Lighting – all types of lighting products
  • Mark Lighting – teleconference, cove & perimeter, pendant fluorescent
  • Peerless – pendant mounted linear fluorescent
  • Sunoptics – high performance prismatic daylighting, skylights
  • Winona Lighting – custom, decorative, LED lighting


American Scientific Lighting  – cost effective surface mounted fluorescent

Architectural Lighting Works – decorative contemporary lighting

ARON Lighting – customer focused interior LED lighting manufacturer

Axis Lighting – ergonomic architectural lighting

Ayre Lighting – hospitality, retail, assisted living, residential lighting

Barbican Architectural Products – contemporary lighting and laminated shades

Barn Light Electric Company – decorative interior & exterior lighting

BEGA – surface & pendant contemporary lighting

Birchwood Lighting, Inc. – linear LED and fluorescent lighting, spec-grade cove, display and strip fixtures

Blackjack Lighting – design and technology driven LED lighting manufacturer

Canlet – elevator pit fixtures

Carpenter Emergency Lighting – emergency & exit lighting

CD Lighting – security fixtures

Cole Lighting – floor boxes, lighted handrail, custom fixtures

Cooledge Lighting – flexible LED light sheet

Creative Light Source – custom lighting manufacturers

DesignPlan – innovative LED, hid, halogen and fluorescent lighting for indoor

Delray Lighting Inc. – California based energy efficient lighting company, Specializing in energy efficient Luminaires providing cutting edge style for today’s dynamic interior designs, Quality Circles & Gyrometric Shapes, Decorative & Industrial Pendants and Linear Luminaires, US based company adheres to the Recovery & Reinvestment act.

Digital Lumens – intelligient lighting systems

Diode LED – LED lighting products

Duray Lighting – custom & standard fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures

Dyson – powerful light precisely where you need it

Eclipse Lighting –  architectural sconces, decorative & vandal-resistant fixtures using fluorescent, hid, induction, and LED lamps

Ecosense – indoor and outdoor LED

Edge Lighting – contemporary spec grade energy efficient lighting

EELP – interior fluorescent, hid, LED lighting

Engineered Lighting Products – recessed directional fluorescent and video teleconferencing

Esco Lighting – contemporary surface and pendant lighting

Everbrite – mri LED downlights, mri LED graphic panel illuminators for wall & ceiling, non-mri & custom graphic panel illuminators

Fluxwerx – innovative LED lighting, minimal design

Focal Point -LED architectural recessed, linear, downlights and acoustical lighting

FSC Lighting LED lighting solutions & intelligent lighting controls that Go Beyond Efficiency

Hemera – exquisite lighting in LED, fluorescent & incandescent

Hylite LED – eco-friendly, energy-saving lamps, retrofits & fixtures

iGLO LED – LED high bays, troffers, slim panels, pendants & LED bulbs

iGuzzini – innovative indoor and outdoor LED lighting

iLight Technologies – LED architectural lighting

Illumisoft Lighting – LED retrofit

Impact Lighting  – decorative contemporary architectural pendants

Insight Lighting – LED lighting solutions


  • ALM – performance architectural lighting
  • Filix – innovative architectural LED
  • Linea Light ILED – architectural & commercial LED lighting
  • Sattler – light in new dimension
  • Whitegoods – seamless integrated lighting


Isolite – energy efficient emergency lighting

Kelvix – Affordable and reliable linear systems backed by the industry’s best customer service team

Kirlin – medical fixtures, architectural downlighting

Kurtzon – cleanspace, medical, food processing, vandal-resistant lighting

Lauren Illumination – LED thin light technology panels & downlights

LED – Light Emitting Design – LED interior lighting fixtures

Ledra Brands Lighting

  • Alphabet – architectural recessed downlights with lite optics
  • Bruck – specialty low voltage cable and track systems


LF Illumination – interior architectural lighting

Lightway – LED, fluorescent, metal halide commercial & architectural lighting

Litelab – architectural bussway, track, and recessed track

LOFFKo Group

  • Lumen Center Italia – combines the extreme attention to aesthetic and cultural issues with the advanced technology and the skill of his artisans and collaborators
  • Modoluce – great attention to the design, focused on new and essential forms, perfect for giving life to design and light, different each time, for work, contract and living


LSI – Indoor & outdoor lighting solutions

Lumax – made in USA commercial & industrial lighting

Luminaire LED – vandal resistant architectural lighting

Luminis – specification grade interior LED, HID & CFL lighting

Lutron – residential and architectural dimming controls, dimming ballasts

LUXdynamics – designs and manufactures LED High Bay Luminaries using extruded 6463 aluminum, which enables the fixture to operate cooler and last longer. We offer sustainable luminaries designed for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, natatoriums, gymnasiums, and high-abuse environments.

Manning – lighting for commercial and public buildings including churches

McFadden – church and decorative architectural pendants and sconces

Meteor Illumination Technologies, Inc. – high output LED with advance dimming + solar LED

Modalight – linear, surface, recessed LED

Modern Forms – sleek avant-garde fans & LED lighting

MP Lighting – low voltage & LED lighting

Neo-Tek – cold cathode lighting

Nordeon USA – unique lighting solutions for retail, commercial & industrial applications

Nulite – full line fluorescent lighting

Optic LED – LED grow lights

Pathway Lighting – LED recessed, pendant & emergency lighting products specifically designed for healthcare, commercial, hospitality & institutional applications

Perfomance In Lighting – prisma architectural for interior

Phantom Lighting Systems – fine art lighting; cabinet, shelf & display illumination

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting – fluorescent & LED commercial lighting options for every space; made in the USA

Primus Lighting – small profile lighting fixtures for accent and merchandising

Prudential Lighting – U.S.A. Manufacturer of inspired architectural interior ambient LED luminaires

Pure Lighting – minimalistic design spec grade lighting

Rambusch Lighting – architectural downlighting & accent

Rig-A-Lite – severe environment lighting, industrial lighting, food processing lighting

St. Louis Antique Lighting – custom lighting

Sea Gull Lighting – decorative lighting & ceiling fans

Self Electronics USA – LED display and accent lightng innovation, design, and production

Selux – linear fluorescent

Siltron Emergency Systems – emergency lighting system

Sistemalux – contemporary recessed, pendant, wall mounted, and exterior

Solas Ray Lighting – LED technology solutions

Soraa – simply perfect light

Specgrade LED – high bays, linear high bays & panels –

SPI Lighting


Starfire – architectural lighting and custom lighting

StarTek Lighting America – designs, engineers, and manufactures top quality LED lighting solutions in Gurnee, IL for commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational applications

Technilite – architectural lighting / signage / display

The Lighting Quotient

  • Elliptipar  – high performance architectural asymmetric lighting
  • Tambient  – furniture mounted single component task / ambient lighting system


Traxon Technologies – innovative media & façade lighting

USAI Lighting – precise downlights, adjustable & wall wash fixtures with low voltage, LED, compact fluorescent, halogen, metal halide, incandescent sources

Visa – architectural pendants and wall sconces


  • Certolux – lighting for controlled environments – cleanrooms, medical, vandal resistant
  • TBR Architectural Lighting – strictly custom, any light source, any application, indoor & outdoor
  • VISIONEERING – recessed, surface, high bays, strips, vapor tight LED & fluorescent lighting


Vision 3 Lighting – specification grade architectural lighting

Vode Lighting – Vode’s LED products are designed to distribute controlled light through modest forms that don’t detract from the architectural spaces they illuminate. The results are lighting systems with modular and interchangeable parts that reduce size, weight and waste. They’re engineered for simple installation and maintenance-free lives.

WAC Lighting – decorative, track & rail, recessed, task & cove, display, specialty, LED & Xenon

Waldmann Lighting – office/architectural, industrial, and medical lighting