Kentucky Interior Lighting

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AAMSCO Lighting – innovative light bulbs, mirrors, and luminaires

Acuity Brands – lighting, controls, components, daylighting

Aculux – precision recessed lighting

Alphabet – architectural recessed downlights with lite optics

American Glass Light – contemporary lighting in incandescent, fluorescent, LED

American Scientific Lighting  – cost effective surface mounted fluorescent

Architectural Lighting Works – decorative contemporary lighting

ARON Lighting – customer focused interior LED lighting manufacturer

Axis Lighting – ergonomic architectural lighting

Ayre Lighting – hospitality, retail, assisted living, residential lighting

Barbican Architectural Products – contemporary lighting and laminated shades

Barn Light Electric Company – decorative interior & exterior lighting

BEGA – surface & pendant contemporary lighting

Birchwood Lighting, Inc. – linear LED and fluorescent lighting, spec-grade cove, display and strip fixtures

Blackjack Lighting – design and technology driven LED lighting manufacturer

Bruck – specialty low voltage cable and track systems

Canlet – elevator pit fixtures

Carpenter Emergency Lighting – emergency & exit lighting

CD Lighting – security fixtures

Certolux – lighting for controlled environments – cleanrooms, medical, vandal resistant

Cole Lighting – floor boxes, lighted handrail, custom fixtures

Cooledge Lighting – flexible LED light sheet

Creative Light Source – custom lighting manufacturers

DesignPlan – innovative LED, hid, halogen and fluorescent lighting for indoor

Digital Lumens – intelligient lighting systems

Diode LED – LED lighting products

Duray Lighting – custom & standard fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures

Dyson – powerful light precisely where you need it

Eclipse Lighting –  architectural sconces, decorative & vandal-resistant fixtures using fluorescent, hid, induction, and LED lamps

Ecosense – indoor and outdoor LED

Edge Lighting – contemporary spec grade energy efficient lighting

EELP – interior fluorescent, hid, LED lighting

Engineered Lighting Products – recessed directional fluorescent and video teleconferencing

Esco Lighting – contemporary surface and pendant lighting

Everbrite – mri LED downlights, mri LED graphic panel illuminators for wall & ceiling, non-mri & custom graphic panel illuminators

Fluxwerx – innovative LED lighting, minimal design

Focal Point – architectural recessed and linear fluorescent

Gotham – architectural downlighting & solid state LED downlighting

Healthcare Lighting – healthcare and medical lighting

Hemera – exquisite lighting in LED, fluorescent & incandescent

Holophane – fluorescent & performance hid

Hylite LED – eco-friendly, energy-saving lamps, retrofits & fixtures

iGLO LED – LED high bays, troffers, slim panels, pendants & LED bulbs

iGuzzini – innovative indoor and outdoor LED lighting

iLight Technologies – LED architectural lighting

Illumisoft Lighting – LED retrofit

Impact Lighting  – decorative contemporary architectural pendants

Insight Lighting – LED lighting solutions

Inter-Lux – lighting product collection that represents the best in international design and us manufacturing
ALM – performance architectural lighting
Filix – innovative architectural LED
Linea Light ILED – architectural & commercial LED lighting
Sattler – light in new dimension
Whitegoods – seamless integrated lighting

IOTA – emergency lighting and ac/dc power products

Isolite – energy efficient emergency lighting

Ivalo – contemporary, modern, decorative

Indy – architectural recessed lighting

Juno – recessed and trac lighting

Kirlin – medical fixtures, architectural downlighting

Kurtzon – cleanspace, medical, food processing, vandal-resistant lighting

Lauren Illumination – LED thin light technology panels & downlights

LeD – Light Emitting Design – LED interior lighting fixtures

LF Illumination – interior architectural lighting

Lightway – LED, fluorescent, metal halide commercial & architectural lighting

Limburg – performance oriented ceiling, wall and pendant fixtures

Litelab – architectural bussway, track, and recessed track

Lithonia Lighting – all types of lighting products

LOFFKo Group – home of luxury and style – Modoluce & Lumen Center Italia


Lumax – made in USA commercial & industrial lighting

Lumenoptix – high performance energy efficient lighting manufactured in united states

Luminaire LED – vandal resistant architectural lighting

Luminis – specification grade interior LED, HID & CFL lighting

Lutron – residential and architectural dimming controls, dimming ballasts

Manning – lighting for commercial and public buildings including churches

Mark Lighting – teleconference, cove & perimeter, pendant fluorescent

McFadden – church and decorative architectural pendants and sconces

Meteor Illumination Technologies, Inc. – high output LED with advance dimming + solar LED

Modalight – linear, surface, recessed LED

Modern Forms – sleek avant-garde fans & LED lighting

MP Lighting – low voltage & LED lighting

Neo-Tek – cold cathode lighting

Nordeon USA – unique lighting solutions for retail, commercial & industrial applications

Nulite – full line fluorescent lighting

Optic LED – LED grow lights

Pathway – LED recessed, pendant & emergency lighting products specifically designed for healthcare, commercial, hospitality & institutional applications

Peerless – pendant mounted linear fluorescent

Perfomance In Lighting – prisma architectural for interior

Phantom Lighting Systems – fine art lighting; cabinet, shelf & display illumination

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting – fluorescent & LED commercial lighting options for every space; made in the USA

Primus Lighting – small profile lighting fixtures for accent and merchandising

Pure Lighting – minimalistic design spec grade lighting

Rambusch Lighting – architectural downlighting & accent

Rig-A-Lite – severe environment lighting, industrial lighting, food processing lighting

St. Louis Antique Lighting – custom lighting

Sea Gull Lighting – decorative lighting & ceiling fans

Self Electronics USA – LED display and accent lightng innovation, design, and production

Selux – linear fluorescent

Siltron Emergency Systems – emergency lighting system

Sistemalux – contemporary recessed, pendant, wall mounted, and exterior

SLG Lighting – quality, affordable & energy efficient LED solutions

Solas Ray Lighting – LED technology solutions

Soraa – simply perfect light

Specgrade LED – high bays, linear high bays & panels –

Speciality Lighting Industries – minimalist design custom lighting

SPI Lighting
Architectural Decorative – decorative & architectural lighting innovations
Asymmetric & Performance – modern performance lighting systems
Linear – linear lighting solutions
Custom – your design…realized

Starfire – architectural lighting and custom lighting

StarTek Lighting America – designs, engineers, and manufactures top quality LED lighting solutions in Gurnee, IL for commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational applications

Sunoptics – high performance prismatic daylighting, skylights

Technilite – architectural lighting / signage / display

The Lighting Quotient
Elliptipar  – high performance architectural asymmetric lighting
Tambient  – furniture mounted single component task / ambient lighting system

TBR Architectural Lighting – strictly custom, any light source, any application, indoor & outdoor

Traxon Technologies – innovative media & façade lighting

USAI Lighting – precise downlights, adjustable & wall wash fixtures with low voltage, LED, compact fluorescent, halogen, metal halide, incandescent sources

Visa – architectural pendants and wall sconces

Viscor  – Certolux, TBR Architectural Lighting, Visioneering

Vision 3 Lighting – specification grade architectural lighting

Visioneering – recessed, surface, high bays, strips, vapor tight LED & fluorescent lighting

WAC Lighting – decorative, track & rail, recessed, task & cove, display, specialty, LED & Xenon

Waldmann Lighting – office/architectural, industrial, and medical lighting

Winona Lighting – custom, decorative, LED lighting