Kentucky Exterior Lighting

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Acuity Brands Lighting

  • Antique Street Lamps – period style post top luminaires and bollards
  • Holophane – decorative, designer, infrastructure
  • Hydrel – floodlighting, ingrade flood lights, step lights, landscape, submersible
  • Lithonia – full line commercial and architectural outdoor lighting
  • Winona Lighting – hardscape & landscape lighting


ANP Lighting – site lighting in hid, LED, induction or fluorescent

Barbican Architectural Products – contemporary exterior lighting

Barn Light Electric Company – decorative interior & exterior lighting

BEGA – contemporary european outdoor lighting

CHM Industries – highmast lighting, sports lighting, lowering systems, and poles

DesignPlan – innovative LED, hid, halogen and fluorescent lighting for outdoor

Eclipse Lighting –  architectural sconces, decorative & vandal-resistant fixtures using fluorescent, hid, induction, and LED lamps

Ecosense – indoor and outdoor LED

EELP – exterior fluorescent, hid, LED lighting

Elliptipar (The Lighting Quotient) – high performance architectural asymmetric lighting

ESCO Lighting – contemporary outdoor lighting

Everbrite – LED parking structure lighting, LED parking lot lighting, architectural accent LED lighting

Filix – innovative architectural LED

General Structures – standard, roadway, sports lighting, decorative poles in steel & aluminum

Hapco Poles – area, roadway, and decorative poles in steel and aluminum

Hylite LED – eco-friendly, energy-saving lamps, retrofits & fixtures

iGLO LED – LED floods, wall packs, shoeboxes, decorative exterior LED

iGuzzini – innovative indoor and outdoor LED lighting

Insight Lighting – LED lighting solutions

Kelvix – Affordable and reliable linear systems backed by the industry’s best customer service team

LED – Light Emitting Design – LED exterior lighting fixtures

LF Illumination – exterior architectural lighting

Lighting & Lowering System – camera & light lowering systems

LSI – architectural outdoor lighting

Lumascape – ingrade floodlights, submersible, and landscape luminaires

Luminaire LED – vandal resistant architectural lighting

Luminis – specification grade exterior LED, hid & cfl lighting

Meteor Illumination Technologies, Inc. – high output LED with advanced dimming + solar LED

Modalight – linear, surface, recessed LED

Modern Forms – sleek avant-garde fans & LED lighting

Nordeon Group

  • Hessamerica – european designed architectural outdoor
  • Nordeon USA – unique lighting solutions for retail, commercial & industrial applications


Pathway Lighting – wet location downlights and cylinders

Perfomance in Lighting – prisma architectural for exterior & sbp urban lighting for road and pathway

Point Lighting Corporation – heliport & helideck lighting, obstruction lighting

Primus Lighting – small profile lighting fixtures to illuminate architectural features, outdoor decorative suspended lighting

Rebelle – contemporary post tops, wall packs, wall sconces, and bollards

Rig-A-Lite – severe environment lighting, marine lighting, petroleum lighting, wet location lighting

Sea Gull Lighting – decorative lighting & ceiling fans

Selux – contemporary post tops, floodlights, and wall brackets

Shakespeare Poles – composite lighting poles and crossarms

Sistemalux – contemporary outdoor accent lighting

Solas Ray Lighting – LED technology solutions

Specgrade LED – floodlighting, wall packs, canopy lighting, street & highway, projectors, sportslighters

SPI Lighting

  • Exterior – bringing illumination to your outdoor spaces
  • Custom – your design…realized


Traditional Concrete Poles – decorative concrete poles and bollards

Traxon Technologies – innovative media & façade lighting

U.S. Pole Lighting Co.


Utility Metals – steel area poles and brackets

Utility Structures – concrete poles, decorative poles, sports lighting poles

Valen Energy – off grid solar technology

Vision 3 Lighting – architectural exterior lighting

WAC Lighting – landscape lighting, step & wall lighting

Waldmann Lighting – office/architectural, industrial, and medical lighting

Wayne Tyler – concrete lighted bollards