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Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of our customers by consistently offering the best products and services through the most reliable agency in our industry.

What We Believe


Knowledge is the most valuable acquired resource. Without knowledge, personnel and material resources remain undeveloped.

LHI employs the use of the latest lighting technology to verify lighting levels and the visual appearance of both light and light fixtures for interior and exterior environments.   Nuances of light fixture construction, maintenance, along with operation and  manufacturing methods have been accumulated by years of field experience.

Extensive factory training and design experience have provided LHI the expertise in custom fixture manufacture, in lighting of unique environments, and in the application of sophisticated electronic lighting control systems.

The sales department welcomes the opportunity to assist in lighting verification, lighting quality concerns, architecturally sensitive lighting system selections, and lighting control applications.


Trust is the foundation for successful business relationships.  LHI Lighting has a deep understanding and appreciation of the trust established when a contractor places a lighting order.  The diversity of lighting products and applications require us to ask the right questions, anticipate problems, expedite delivery, and continue service to resolve warranty issues.

These efforts to ensure our customer’s trust have afforded LHI a greatly appreciated distributor network that sustains our business.  Working together with these authorized distributors, LHI’s customer service department provides the most experienced, responsive, and professional service available.


Products, services, and business organizations that do not provide value do not endure.